Leaving Your Baggage Behind

excerpt from Hey! I Can Do This™

"Baggage" is another aspect of self-talk and your subconscious. All of your past experiences leave impressions on your mind. Your previous successes and failures influence your reactions, your behaviors, your habits. Sometimes you carry forward past experiences. For example, if you have had bad experiences with the opposite sex, you might become jaded and take on an attitude that "all men are unreliable" or "all women are gossips." These preconceived ideas become baggage that is carried forward into any new relationship and will affect your behavior. How successful can any new relationship be when you try to put your baggage on the other person's shoulders?

The problem with baggage is that it is hard to see. First you must find it and then you must be prepared to put in the energy to get rid of it. Leave your baggage behind!

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