What Makes You Feel Alive

excerpt from Hey! I Can Do This™

Do sounds exceptionally move you? The call of a loon across the still waters of a northern lake at sunset... the thundering roar of the surf hitting the tropical island's shore or the trickle of the babbling brook in the emerald green forest. The swoosh of the golf club as it makes precise contact with the ball... naturethe whispering voice of that special someone.

The melody of a song carrying memories from your past... a classic rhapsody from Gershwin, or a famous operatic piece such as "Nessun Dorma" or the "Pilgrim's Chorus" from Tannhauser... "The Ride of the Valkyries"... oldies by the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Bob Dylan... country hits by Faith Hill and Lee Ann Womack... the national anthem... played in your honor.

Everyone is different.

As you read the above examples, there were those you looked at and said, "Oh ya! I know just what you mean," and there were those that left you feeling less than lukewarm-feeling like you had just picked up cold, limp spaghetti... or maybe a handful of worms.

We are all different and yet we are all the same.

We want to feel alive. We want to feel that special value is created by our efforts.

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