The Goals Incubator

excerpt from Hey! I Can Do This™

If goals were like chickens, you could get a bunch of goal eggs, place them under a light bulb to keep them warm, and eventually most of them would hatch into cute little yellow balls of feathers looking for goal nourishment.

You will want to optimize your enjoyment of your assets.

You will identify what you need to attract into your life.

You will decide to take action.

You will become aware of how this gives your life purpose.

You will be acting on purpose.

A new goal is born! The seed of a goal achievement plan forms. To germinate that seed and activate your plan, you need a process that assesses the importance of these differences and develops a game plan to monitor your progress and modify your actions. When you apply this approach, your Goal Achievement Process becomes practical and achievableŚcapable of being implemented in the real world of your day-to-day life.

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