Meet Lou

Lou Mulligan

The idea for this book began over 30 years ago. I saw an ad for pianos in a popular magazine. The copy captured my imagination: "How old will your child be in five years if he takes piano lessons? How old will he be if he doesn't?" Having practiced piano as a child, I immediately knew the answer. "The child who doesn't take piano lessons would be much younger!" My experience had taught me that practicing piano every day can make five years pass very slowly. (Obviously, I missed the point.) But something about the advertisement stuck in my mind. When I thought about this ad later, I realized the error in my subjective logic. "Both children would be the same age!" Amazing! You would be the same age whether you did something or not. This was not exactly a scientific breakthrough, but it got me thinking: "Then people should do more of the things that will take them towards the goals they want to achieve."

Lou is a successful financial planner. His background includes being a practical entrepreneur and an experienced corporate executive. Lou's understanding of human nature and coaching has helped many of his clients enhance their lives by achieving better goals. His winning goal achieving combination: linking a formal education in psychology and sociology with the insightful experience and problem solving discipline of a Certified Financial Planner® and Chartered Life Underwriter™.

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