Removing Barriers

excerpt from Hey! I Can Do This™

There were times when you might have chosen to place yourself neatly into a "box" by raising barriers to keep others out or restrict your development in a skill area. Hiding inside a box was comforting because you no longer needed to stretch beyond its limitations or think beyond your experience. You no longer needed to challenge yourself. But boxes are limiting. Once in a box, what once was your "challenge" gradually evolves towards becoming impossible. Take for example, the second-grade female subtraction superstar who heard that math was nerdy and boys don't like nerdy girls. Thus, the "I'm no good at math" gal was born, and she gradually turned into an "I can't do math" woman. But that same gal could be a computer gaming whiz and still be popular because "gaming" is cool! (Not to mention that it takes an analytical capability that probably rivals the greatest minds of 14th-century Europe.)

No matter who you are, you are not the permanent resident of any box. You are only a guest. You are free to move on! Through goal-focused patience and directed effort, you can escape from practically any box you have chosen to climb into.

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