A New Shift In Thinking

excerpt from Hey! I Can Do This™

Imagine shaking off the shackles of years of couch potato-dom. Consider throwing your old self into the recycling bin for lipid lovers! With a new zest for life you say, "I'm going to join a gym and get fit!" There you are at the glass door, looking inside at the warm, lithe bodies beckoning you to a healthier world...

It's the first time you've entered a gym. You hesitate, just inside the door, feeling, a little awkward and out of place. Looking around, you see all kinds of weird contraptions. ... A nice young woman measures your height, weight, body mass (BMI), and blood pressure. She records your dietary likes and dislikes and introduces you to your new coach. Chip.

Chip lays out your fitness program and your schedule.

Now fast-forward eight weeks. You're greeted by first name as you enter the gym. Your weight and BMI are down a lot. You're comfortable with all the different machines and what they are for... You have your three-month progress targets and actual performance to date charted out and you're on track. You know that at Week 13 you'll have a reassessment and there may be some tweaking based upon how well you've progressed. Everything's going swell! You're glad that you started your health improvement goal and wonder why you didn't do it years ago.

As you drive home from the gym, you're pleased with your success in getting into the fitness habit. Your mind drifts and you find yourself thinking about your life. You wonder why you can't apply this same approach to other areas in your life.

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